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Houston Sunrooms is a Supplier and Installer of Sunrooms, Patio Rooms and Sun Room Additions for Houston Texas

Our sunrooms remain cooler in summer and are warmer in winter because of their fully welded vinyl frame construction,
mitered corners, and continuous weather stripping. Our vinyl windows and doors cut down the outside noise by 50%.

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Windows & Doors

Our transferable Lifetime Sunroom Company Windows and Doors are the strongest factory warranty in the industry. 

Sunroom Company Lifetime transferable warranties comes from a family owned manufacturer who has been building quality sunrooms since 1947.
We offer three door styles: pedestrian (single), elegant French (double doors), and the sliding door. d
  • Vinyl construction with structural reinforcing insulates against the heat and the cold
  • Available with SmartGlass™ high performance glass
  • Available with grid option for a customized look (dual glass only)
  • Beautiful brass hardware (pedestrian and French doors) or color matched hardware (sliding door only)
  • Continuous Roton™ hinge on pedestrian and French doors eliminate wind blow-by and door sag
  • Continuous weatherstripping blocks out the wind and cold

OMEGA-4 Vinyl Systems with Smart Glass 60 & 90 Versus Aluminum    

  • 4 Times Less Heat Gain - Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter
  • 4 Times More Insulation than Our Closest Competitors Glass
  • 5 Times Less Ultra Violet Helps to Prevent Furniture Damage
  • Longest Rated Dual Glass Seal [120 Years] - Helps to Prevents Mold
  • Omega-2 Smart Glass 90 Dual Roof Glass has 5 Times less Heat Gain
    Blocks 83% of the UV - 50% Less Glare - Helps Eliminate Condensation
  • 1 BTU Loss per hour compared to Aluminums 1,100 BTU Loss per hour

DURA-LITE Tempered Glass Windows, Doors & Roofs 

  • 8 Times Stronger with 2 Times more Clarity than Residential Glass
  • 10 Times More Scratch Resistant than Acrylic & Virtually Indestructible
  • Lifetime Dura-Lite Glass Guarantee - Is Much Safer for Your Family

Modularized Construction Available in 24", 36", 42", 48", 54" Modules are cut and assembled in a quality controlled environment, resulting in less cuts in the field, fillers, exposed fasteners and less caulking.

Windows Available in 54" or 60" - Weather-stripping - mohair on windows Removable screens - Brass rollers - Contoured adjustable handles (aluminum) Standard screens or solar screens (triple weave mesh) Pre-punched weep holes in window tracks - Tight seal.

Dura-Lite Window Glass is 8-Times Stronger Than Residential Window Glass, 10-Times more Scratch Resistant than Acrylic, Virtually Indestructible  -  Safer For Your Family
Lifetime Factory Glass Guaranty


Smart Glass High Performance: Glass We offers a new high performance single pane product and a new “SmartGlass” family of double pane high performance glass products that outperform all competitive products in their class.  Why are we doing this?  For two reasons …. (1) To give you, our Dealers, an even greater competitive edge,  and (2) because more than any other component in a sunroom or patio room, the type of glass used will determine the comfort and usability of the finished sunroom. Let’s take a brief look at why the performance of glass is so important.  What it all boils down to is this … the two biggest problems with sunrooms and patio rooms has to do with excess heat gain, which makes the rooms uncomfortably hot; and Ultraviolet radiation which fades and damages fabrics and furnishings.  Here’s why these are major issues for your clients
sunroomsCooler in Summer/Warmer in Winter 4 times Less Heat gain & Heat Loss 4 times more insulation than our closest competitor’s glass Keeps your heating & cooling bills lower. Allows you to use your Room year-round Prevents fading of furniture with 5-times less ultraviolet destruction

Solar Heat Gain: We’ve all had the experience of parking our car at the mall on a nice sunny day, then returning to the car an hour or so later to find that it’s an oven inside.  Just like an automobile, sunrooms and patio rooms are glass-intensive structures which make them susceptible to overheating.  Up to 90% of the surface area of a sunroom  or patio room may be glass, so the performance of the glass has a direct and significant affect on the comfort and usability of the room.  What sense does it make for your clients to invest in sunrooms or patio rooms that overheat so quickly that they can only be used comfortably on mild days in the Spring or Fall? 

Ultraviolet Radiation: It is widely know that UV radiation is harmful and damaging, to people as well as to fabrics and furnishings.  Glass products that transmit a high percentage of UV radiation will result in faster fading and damage to fabrics and furnishings that are used in that room. 

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